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Alex Burrows


Alex Burrows Paraplanner Strategic Wealth Partners
Alex Burrows Paraplanner Strategic Wealth Partners

Get To Know Alex

Alex has worked in the financial sector for over 20 years, starting out in Banking for the first 17 years working up to a Bank Manager for the last 10 years of this time, which included roles in Business Banking and Mortgages.

Following the closure of the majority of the RBS network in England, Alex moved over to financial planning, starting as an administrator before moving into paraplanning. He has a wealth of experience in many areas of financial services and is always looking to increase his knowledge and understanding of different areas. He has also taken part in several podcasts for The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

Alex is married to his wife, Laura and has 2 young children.

In his spare time, Alex likes spending time with his family and friends and is a keen basketballer. He still plays as well as doing some coaching, and enjoys producing his team’s videos and social media too.

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