Financial Planning Kingston upon Thames

Strategic Wealth Partners is renowned for its independent, tailored financial planning advice, delivered from our Surrey-based offices.

If you're in need of expert wealth management or financial planning in Kingston, you'll be pleased to know that a dedicated business to serve clients like you over the years. We're strategically located in Kingston, allowing you to access our award-winning, highly-qualified team without the hassle of traveling into London.

Your Trusted Family Advisers

Understanding the importance of wealth management and financial planning to the Kingston community, we offer a dedicated team of highly-qualified specialists committed to helping you achieve your most cherished financial and life goals. With experience of serving families over multiple generations, we invite you to join our family of clients and think of us as your trusted family advisers.

As chartered financial planners, our unwavering mission is to safeguard our clients' wealth. Whether it's optimising retirement income, planning for a secure financial future, asset protection, emergency family provisions, or maximising investment returns, you can trust our advice's integrity and our experts' deep-rooted skills.

What Makes Us Different

Whether you're nearing retirement, have recently lost a loved one, or have found yourself at a crossroads, we know that your money has one job: to support your life.

Comprehensive Financial Planning & Wealth Management in Kingston upon Thames

At Strategic Wealth Partners, we stand by our comprehensive service. We're equipped to address all your financial planning needs, from pension planning and investment advice to tax planning, optimising your retirement income and protecting your estate.

Kingston's Premier Financial Planning Experts

Delivering top-tier client service has always been our utmost priority. Across our business, there's a united dedication to ensure clients receive advice tailored to their unique circumstances. This unwavering commitment has earned us significant industry accolades.

Amyr Rocha Lima Strategic Wealth Partners Money Marketing Adviser Personality of the Year Award 2023
Amyr Rocha Lima Strategic Wealth Partners Money Marketing Adviser Personality of the Year Award 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to some of the questions clients often ask us.

People usually come to us when they are at a crossroads.

They're probably looking to make a change in their life or are concerned about the future.

We spend the majority of our time working with two groups of people.

First, those nearing retirement. We will help you understand what you want from the next stage of your life, get to know your goals, and then create a financial plan to help you achieve them.

Second, people who have recently lost a loved one, particularly widows. We will empathetically assist you in organising your affairs and, when the time comes, putting a plan in place to secure your financial future.

We work best with people who:

- Understand the importance of financial planning and are eager to participate in the process.

- Both partners in a marriage or partnership are equally committed to the financial planning process.

- Have accumulated savings, investments and pension assets of £750k or more.

- Want to delegate their financial planning and investment management to an expert, so they can spend time on things that matter most to them.

You can learn more about how we can assist you, below.

Contact Us

If you've never worked with a financial planner before, we'll guide you through the process.

If you have previously worked with a financial planner but believe it is time for a change, we can assist you in making that transition.

Proud To Be Chartered

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification is the only globally recognised mark of excellence in financial planning and is a degree level qualification. CFP® professionals have proved their extensive theoretical and practical knowledge.

The CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER qualification is a postgraduate level specialist qualification which encompasses the breadth of knowledge needed to provide a highest quality investment management services to clients.

CISI Certified Financial Planner Strategic Wealth Partners
CISI Certified Financial Planner Strategic Wealth Partners
CISI Chartered Fellow Strategic Wealth Partners
CISI Chartered Fellow Strategic Wealth Partners
CISI Chartered Wealth Manager Strategic Wealth Partners
CISI Chartered Wealth Manager Strategic Wealth Partners
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