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Ian Cooke


Ian Cooke Director Strategic Wealth Partners
Ian Cooke Director Strategic Wealth Partners

Get To Know Ian

With 25 years of experience in the financial services sector, Ian has worn multiple hats, ranging from financial planning and practice management to managing a national network of IFAs.

A Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a Chartered Financial Planner, Ian has a deep-rooted interest in holistic financial planning. Beyond his daily work, Ian is a public speaker, and he writes and delivers training material tailored for the financial planning and wealth management sectors.

In recent years, Ian has delved into financial technology (fintech), managing major change programmes for high-end and discretionary wealth management firms. He has been pivotal in designing web-based, single-platform, multi-channel solutions for an array of clients including networks, compliance firms, IFA firms, and wealth managers.

Ian is married to Sara, and has two children.

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